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Wholesale petroleum products supplied and delivered straight to your premises.
petroleum wholesaler products
lubricants products


For any industry

Premium, high-tech oils, lubricants and speciality products for a range of maichinery.


To go the distance

Masakhe Isizwe Petroleum offers a full range of commodity chemicals.
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logistics service


Geared to go


Logistics is the process of planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. In an age where competitiveness , flexibility and customer service are key to success, a business has to be versatile enough to keep up with unexpected market demand.

Fuel Licensing Solutions

Wholesale, Retail and Site license services

We will assist, facilitate with your renewal or new retail license applications, change-of-ownership retail license applications, new site license applications and transfers of existing site licenses.

Our Retail License Applications and Services

  • New Retail License Applications
    • We facilitate new fuel retail license applications for fuel stations.
  • Change of Ownership Applications
    • When a petrol station changes ownership, the new owner must apply for a new fuel retail license. We facilitate these “change-of-ownership” retail license applications.
  • Annual license submissions
    • We assist and submit your annual renewals.
  • Appeal to Rejected Retail Licenses
    • If a fuel retail license is rejected, we will engage, facilitate and resolve the appeal process.
  • Amendments To Existing Retail Licenses
    • We will facilitate all amendments to existing license.
  • Business Plans & Financing

Wholesale License Applications

“In terms of the Petroleum Products Act, (Act 120 of 1977) as amended in 2003, and which is administered by the Department of Energy (DOE), no person or business entity is allowed to wholesale prescribed petroleum products unless that person/business has a valid wholesale licence. The Act further states that no person may operate as a wholesaler (which means that you may not sell any form of petroleum product) unless that person or business entity has a valid wholesale licence. Wholesale licences may be applied for with storage facilities or without storage facilities.”

  • New Wholesale License Applications.
  • Change of Ownership Applications
  • Annual license renewals
  • Appeal to Rejected Wholesale Licenses
  • Amendments To Existing Wholesale Licenses
  • Business Plans & Financing
  • A fuel wholesaler is any person or business that purchases and sells prescribed petroleum products in bulk to a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or the end consumer.

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